Sunday, January 23, 2011

It seems today that my mind is going back 43 years to the days before Tom and I were married. More about the engagement etc. can be seen on the January 2010 post of this blog.
But today I'm thinking of the preparations for the wedding.
Our families financial circumstances were "precarious" to say the least. There was really NO money to help with the wedding.
I decided to buy some fabric and make a dress during that "finals" time at BYU. Grandma Maysel must have known our situation and I remember that 25.00 came in the mail.
I walked to downtown Provo and bought some white velvet to make my dress - a floor length, A-line dress with round neck and long sleeves.
It was easy to make and I loved it - so beautiful!
I also wrote invitations on white simple stationary to our friends inviting them to the Open House at the "Hyatt" House on University Avenue where I lived with 11 other girls. They would all be my "bridesmaids" wearing their formal dresses and would make sure that we had a wedding cake.
After finals were over at the end of January I went home to Shoshone and waited for Tom to arrive. I'm sure that I was quite a disruption to the family lifestyle - my sisters both busy working; Momma nursing and Daddy teaching.
Momma did take me shopping to Hansens Dept. store in Shoshone and bought me a beautiful yellow coat with gloves to match. We also had a trip to Twin Falls to buy some other "bride" kind of stuff. I treasure that trip!!
Uncle Larry and Aunt Veldonna came on Feb. 1st to escort us to the Idaho Falls Temple - the only people who would be going with us.
Veldonna sewed wedding dresses as an occupation and she took one look at my dress and went right to work putting pearls on the neckline and made a veil with a velvet bow and white chiffon attached. It looked much better.
I don't know that my Mom, Veldonna or I went to sleep that night.
We left at 4:30 in the morning of Feb. 2, 1968 for the Idaho Falls Temple - Tom and I in our little
Rambler and Larry and Veldonna in their car. Danny and Julie stayed with my family that day.
I remember as we kissed Momma goodbye on the steps on our lava house in Shoshone that she looked at Tom and said "I hope you love her enough". I don't know if that were a warning to Tom or if that were a wish for me!
I was sad that we couldn't have our parents with us at the Temple that morning as none of them were prepared to go. But, I am thankful that since that time I have been in the Temple with each of them (except Dad Gill) and that we have both been sealed to our parents!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

This picture of Leora Ruth Rollins was taken probably around 1909 when she was 9 or 10. Her hair was red. I can't help but notice the beautiful lace work on her dress - and how nicely starched it was. "Ruth" was born and raised on her parents ranch in Rye Valley, Oregon. She was my grandmother, my mentor and a dear friend.
During my growing up years I got to spend many weeks on the ranch she and Grandpa Rex had in Union and in La Grande, Or. freshman year in college (Eastern Oregon College) I lived with them. Grandma would often show me pictures and talk lovingly of her growing up years in Rye Valley - especially of the riding of horses.
Margaret Horne Richards, Arthur Horne, Emily Horne Lowell

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Karen Griggs installed as Secretary District FHA Medford, Oregon

At Crater High School in Central Point, Oregon I LOVED home-ec and FHA (Future Homemakers of America). I had the most wonderful teacher and advisor - Francis Willett.

My dream was to become a home-ec teacher, just like Mrs. Willett and my Grandma Maysel. I wanted to attend Oregon State College. I went there for a State FHA meeting and got to stay in a Sorority House. (Interesting that even then I knew that it was important to stay near to my Savior - as a Methodist I got up early on Sunday during that visit to go to the Methodist Church on Campus).

Then - I discovered - that in order to become a home ec teachder one has to take Organic Chemistry - that was the end of teaching Home Ec!

Another interest I had at Crater was journalism. I was assistant editor of the school paper my Junior Year and was designated as the editor for 1963-1964. But my dad got a job teaching Vo-Ag at Shoshone High School and that is where I spent my senior year. I did hold on to the dream of journalism for several years. I can remember dreaming of becoming a journalist and working in NYC and driving a little red sports car!

Another interest that I had was scouting. I spent summers at Camp Low Echo at Lake of the Woods near Klamath Falls. While in Shoshone I joined the LDS Church. I went to Eastern Oregon College my Freshman year - then to BYU where I started my major of Youth Leadership. It was a good fit and a good choice for me, giving me lots of opportunities to serve youth not only professionally for a few years, but as a volunteer for many! K

Erma Ruth Richards Feb. 15, 1906 - Feb. 4 1972

Erma Ruth Richards born 14 February 1906 passed away 4 February 1972 in Kailua, Hawaii.
A file of funeral arrangements was found among Grandma's things.
I remember attending the funeral with Tom. He was at the U of O at the time.
I do wish I had known Aunt Erma - in all that I have heard about her she was a wonderful woman.

Erma Ruth Richards

Newspaper article from "The Sunday Advertiser" in Hawaii 1959
Christmas card from Aunt Erma to Grandma Maysel and Grandpa Dick 1959

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pictures of Sanderson Children and Grandchildren

Dorothy Gertrude Sanderson Templer with baby Margaret (7 weeks old)
Lawrence Frederick Sanderson (b 12 Dec 1897), Dorothy Gertrude Sanderson (b 9 Nov 1901), Maysel Ellen Sanderson (b. 16 Feb. 1894)

Maysel, Dorothy and Lawrence